Environmentally Friendly Cranberries and Innovative Tablets

We have started a project, Erasmus + in our school, whose  title is:

‘Environmentally Friendly Cranberries and Innovative Tablets’

Five countries take part in the project: Poland, Estonia, Italy, Latvia, Finland.

This is a project with a big cultural diversity in which each country brings its different experiences and competences. All the partner schools will integrate non-formal learning , ICT and digital devices with the knowledge received via  formal learning. One of the main objectives is addressing open and innovative education.

The objectives of the project are fulfilled :

–          to provide more competence for students and teachers in ICT and encourage them to use more ICT tools in everyday learning and teaching process

–          to arose students’ interests towards basic subjects and achieve better results in them

–          to integrate formal and informal learning

–          to promote teachers’ and students’ cooperation and communication skills at regional and European level

–          to supplement curricula in our school system

–          to broaden the knowledge of natural and cultural heritage of home country and partner countries in order to learn and recognize and respect similarities and differences.


The project is to make students use ICT technology in nature, which means that students not only use ICT to play or communicate with each other, but they are to use it to  learn, to find answers to many problems which they are intrigued by.

They are to use many apps while they are outside, e.g. in a forest, while walking, watching the nature.

They are also to create apps, to contribute to many activities, to create activities themselves.

As a result of the project students’ basic skills will be improved by integrating and using innovative methodologies, and digital devices  . The project will help us put theory into practice , encouraging cross-cultural cooperation, thus adding European dimension in everyday work.

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