Erasmus + The meeting in Italy

From 5th of April to 9th of April there was a meeting in Italy. Five countries met again to present their activities which they did in the first year of our project. The teachers presented students’ work, activities, their field trips which they already had done, good points, advantages and some difficulties they came across while working on the project. Many pictures and short films were shown, making us acquaint with their school, their work, and their students’ expectations of the project.



Our school prepared a math project, which was accepted with a great interest. The project will be available on our school homepage, and on e-Twinning, and  Facebook.

We have just started with our field trips, which we will carry out in April and May. We have planned three more field trips, which are going to be very interesting and which will be explained and shown on our project notice board and also on our school homepage.

The meeting in Italy was very nice, friendly and instructive. We decided on our future work. We discussed our aims, our ideas how to execute our aims, and we discussed our difficulties and our expectations.

We visited a school in Piacenza ( a town near Milano). The school is a vocational school which educates students (aged 16-17) how to be farmers, waiters or waitresses, how to be hotel receptionists. We had lunch at the school and we were served by those students . They learnt at the same time how to do their work. They proved to be  already real professionals. We enjoyed it very, very much. We also visited a primary school, a kindergarten and a secondary school in a small town near Piacenza. We had an opportunity to observe some lessons and the facilities of the school which turned out to be quite advanced (well-computerized, with multi-active boards in each classroom). What we liked a lot was a music lesson, during which students clapped and tapped according to a piece of classical music to ………….. I forgot what. That was really impressive.

In Italy there are many immigrants from other European countries, like Ukraine, Albania, Poland, and others. We met many Polish people on the streets . Polish language is heard pretty much.

What made us astonished was the fact that many small villages are becoming deserted. Old people have died and no young people stay in those villages. Many houses in the country are empty and disused. But on the other hand there , in Italy there are many beautiful places (quiet, picturesque) to live in. We trek around the countryside.

We visited Verona, which is now a big city. There is Arena and of course the balcony at which  Juliette and Romeo used to meet. The place is visited by a big number of people every hour.

Definitely, Italy is a wonderful country worth seeing. Nice, easy-going people, good food and wonderful weather make the country a desirable destination for tourists.


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